El Teatrero

The teatrero proposes a game open to improvisation,Interaction and participation of public. The simplicity, ingenuity, through comedy are the perfect excuse of this character to show its spirit, laugh at himself and everything around him.
The street becomes in itís stage and everyday circumstances are entretelones in a show where anything can happen.An individual Character arrives at his scenery,The Street,and inspired by their shapes,its architecture and whatís happening as an daily act of living; in that moment, sets out to make a film where the actors and the attendees will the same public and the scenery,the same street.Soon this place takes own life to become in a delirious satire impossible not to enjoy.

The Teatrero is a a show that likes to be where not expected and dramatize about no one wants to tell. No words, no hyphens,for all ages, for lovers of simple public,that want to be surprised and want to laugh, interweave some thought between the lines.

 Available indoor as well as outdoor